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About Us

Equine Assisted Therapy & Healing With Horses

Our Mission At Takoda Equine Is That We Believe Every Life Is Valuable.
All Of The Animals Here Are Partners In Helping Us Create A Healthy Balanced Life.
Takoda Equine Assisted Learning Is Specifically Geared Towards Helping People To Create A Relationship With One Of The Herd. Preferably The One Who Chooses You.

This Connection Offers Unconditional Support And Love Without Judgment As Their Natural Abilities To Communicate To The Things We Don’t Acknowledge Even To Ourselves.

Our story behind the name. Takoda is a Native American name. It’s Sioux , meaning Friends With Everyone.
Pronunciation: Taa-KowD-ah
The Sioux Nation Called their horses Takoda as it complimented the horses senses and the bond between the Horse and rider.

Meet Dianne

With A Passion And Purpose, Diane Murray Embarked On Her Journey To Become A Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator.

She Came To Realize She Had Already Been Holding Space To Allow Others To Walk Their Personal Healing And Discovery Journeys To A Better Lifestyle.

Also In 2011 Diane Opened Her Home For Specialized Care As A Foster Parent With Nairn Family Homes. She Offers A Loving, Supportive Home Focusing Primarily On Acceptance (Of Self And Others), Attachment, Self-Awareness And Resiliency.

Our Missions

Our Mission Is The Relationship Built Among Client, Facilitator And Horses Develops The Client’s Sense Of Self, Strengths And Supports. The Engagement With Horses In The Herd Enlivens And Nourishes A Sense Of Joy Of Life By Awakening A Sense Of Self, Being Mindful And Making Decisions. Allowing The Body To Ground, Slow Down, Relax, And Build Tolerance, Clients Develop Clear Boundaries And Build Capacity For Healthy Relationships.

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